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Aug 202016
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Whee, here’s wing #2 of the Night in Karazhan adventure for Hearthstone, for those few of you out there who haven’t completed it yet. I hear most players find it under-challenging.

Romulo and Julianne‎ – Julianne is a Mage whose power is to summon Romulo, who makes her immune. So you’ll have to regulate him. The whole rest of her deck is taunts and stalls too. With Shaman Midrange I found it quite easy – just be sure to have a way to zap pesky out of the way and Julianne goes down in a couple charges. [Doomhammer] worked amazing here.

# Cards: Pompous Thesbian, Onyx Bishop

Big Bad Wolf‎ – He makes your minions be 1/1 and cost 1 – it’s a static ability. Note that this ability doesn’t apply to summoned totems, or minions generated through spells or other means. So guess what, Midrange Shaman was my answer here too. Wolfy starts at only 20 life too, so plain old [Lightning Bolt] to the face does wonders too. Doomhammer with a side order of [Rockbiter Weapon] goes great with Wolf too.

If you beat a Wolf in battle, does that make you a Little Pig or Little Red Riding Hood?

# Cards: Kindly Grandmother, Arcane Giant

The Crone – Wow, who did the voice for the Crone? Run away with me, you demented stunted hag! You get a 0/10 Dorothee to work with, and can place minions to either side to gain boosts. Meanwhile Crone plays lots of stealth minions and doesn’t seem to accomplish much. And it’s a triple win for Midrange Shaman! A [Tuskarr Totemic] to Dorothee’s left popped out a Totem Golem, and rained on the witch’s parade from there.

# Cards: Wicked Witchdoctor, Moat Lurker, Swashburglar, Barnes

Class challenges: Warlock vs. Romulo and Julianne‎, and Paladin vs. Big Bad Wolf. Both these matches are disgustingly easy. Just do stuff. It’s almost impossible to lose with a turn 2 Onyxia. Warlock starts out seeming a little unfair, but just gain some tempo and it’s a picnic.

# Cards: Kara Kazham!, Silvermoon Portal

And now for card reviews…

[Pompous Thespian] – Just about ready to dust this one already. Vanilla [Bloodfen Raptor] isn’t a good card, and I don’t see how giving him taunt makes him that much better.

[Onyx Bishop] – I’ve seen a couple Priest decks running this guy already. Funny, for all the complaints about how Priest is the underpowered class, I sure do run into a lot of Priests in both Casual and Ladder. Anyway, count off the 2 mana for [Resurrect] on a stick and this is a 3/4 for 3; almost enough to grudgingly call good. Still doesn’t make up for [Purify] though.

[Kindly Grandmother] – Yay, Hunter, my current favorite class, gets yet another awesome deathrattle! Well worth the slot. Remember [Haunted Creeper]? This is a worthy callback.

[Arcane Giant] – Well, obviously good in Warlock Zoo. Perhaps the best cost-shrinking minion yet.

[Wicked Witchdoctor] – Highly suspect. Four mana just seems to be no good in Shaman, since [Flamewreathed Faceless] is taking up that spot. A random basic totem is something we already get with a hero power we ditch to Sir Finley first chance we get. If it did a [Tuskarr Totemic] impression it would possibly be better, but as it is this one’s sitting on the bench for now.

[Moat Lurker] – It’s sort of good in Reno decks? [Stampeding Kodo] is already played, even though there’s hardly anything it hits these days. Lurker gets you a no ifs-ands-or-buts target on a minion, but its deathrattle downside is painful. Though if you pack work-arounds such as bouncing or silencing it, it gets better. To be decided.

[Barnes] – Crazy, of course. Numerous decks have already been jamming this into everything they can think of. Excellent for decks with a high count of status effects. I can see it defining its own archetype.

[Swashburglar] – An [Undercity Huckster] on a no-funnel-cakes diet. I would say ‘meh’, but at one mana, any body that puts an extra card in your hand, no matter its origin, is still extremely good value.

[Kara Kazham!] – Total of six power and health on three bodies for five mana. A bargain, but Warlock decks are spoiled rotten already and at the five-drop spot you’d rather be playing [Doomguard], if you’re running five-drops at all. Color me underwhelmed.

[Silvermoon Portal] – Paladins have already been jamming these out, and while they seem to have a nice tempo play, I’m not exactly overwhelmed. Four mana is a tight pinch point between [Blessing of Kings], [Consecration], [Murloc Knight], and [Truesilver Champion]. paladins have too much of their good stuff crammed at the four-mana mark.

See you next week with a brand new Karazhan wing!


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