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Mar 072015


 March 7, 2015
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Greeting everyone! In my previous article I explained the importance of interaction between players in card games. digital card games as “Hearthstone” are free to play! Thinking about how much TCG’s cost nowadays makes it a very important aspect. Have you ever been thinking how much time will it take you to build a solid deck without paying real money in Hearthstone? Let’s try to find out!

There are two main ways of obtaining cards in hearthstone – by buying booster packs in the store or by crafting them. First one is pretty simple, I’ve explained it in my introductive article, now it’s time to explain how crafting works.

Cards can be “crafted” by using an in-game resource called “arcane dust”. You can obtain it in the arena or by disenchanting single cards that you don’t need. The amount of Arcane Dust required for crafting, and granted by disenchanting, is determined by the card’s rarity. Golden cards cost several times more Dust to craft, and reward several times more for disenchanting. Because you are only able to use 2 copies of each card in your deck (or 1 legendary) you should disenchant all extra copies you have for dust.


– crafting: 40 / 400

– disenchanting: 5 / 50


– crafting: 20 / 100

– disenchanting: 40 / 1600


– crafting: 400 / 1600

– disenchanting: 100 / 400


– crafting: 1600 / 3200

– disenchanting: 400 / 1600

* normal / golden version

Wonder how much time will it take you to acquire, for example, 10k arcane dust (with that amount you will most likely be able to build any deck, well except for Control Warrior, lol)? Let’s do some calculations. Because it’s very hard to predict how much arcane dust will you get from the arena run, I will consider disenchanting to be our only option of obtaining dust.

The minimum amount you can get from the booster is 40 – 4 commons and 1 rare (4*5 + 20 = 40) But what is the average? If you google a bit, you’ll find out people saying it’s around 100. Wow, that’s pretty nice right? Wrong.

“The average value is close to 100 dust, but the statistical median value is closer to 60. The extremely high value of golden legendary and legendary cards skews the overall average upwards.”

(c) Cahaya battle net forum.

So in order to accumulate 10k dust u have to buy: 10.000 / 60 = 166.6666 packs (obviously if you are lucky and pull several legendaries this value decreases, we will make it 150 to simplify further calculations). 150 packs * 100 = 15k gold. Now we have to determine how much gold can you make daily. Because I’m too lazy to do the calculations myself, I’ll be using data collected by betterbetterlivein… betterlivinthruchemistry, man, that’s some nickname you have there.
His original post on hearthpwn

His study shows us that the standard game time equals 9:49 ( let’s make it 10 mins ). That means that, in one hour, you’ll be able to play 6 games. You’ll hardly win all of them, but 3 out of 6 seems pretty real. Remember that every 3 victories give you 10 gold, so you will be rewarded with 10 gold for each hour of playing (well obviously if you win, but I’m sure you will). Most daily quests are worth 40-60 gold (except for 1 that gives you 100).

Summing up, if you play 2 hours a day like I do, considering daily quests, you will earn in average 70 gold. 15.000 / 70 = 214.29 days of playing, dusting every card you get from boosters, without doing arena runs. In case you have enough free time (lucky you) to play 4-5 hours daily, you will be getting around 100 gold instead of 70, and as a result, it would take you approximately 150 days to acquire 10k dust.

Please remember that I didn’t consider “lucky pulls” which will inevitably happen.

(I make a screenshot every time I get lucky, those 3 packs were probably the best in my HS career: 800, 2000, 1700 dust)

Hearthstone pulls1
Hearthstone pulls2
Hearthstone pulls4

I hope that this article was interesting and useful, I really appreciate any constructive criticism, so if you feel like the way I’ve done my calculations is wrong please tell me! Cya all guys, I wish to all of you some nice pulls!