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Magic: The Gathering - Let's Build Brago, King Eternal EDH

Magic: The Gathering – Let’s Build Brago, King Eternal EDH

We’ve gotten some requests and interest in deck-building tutorials, so we’re going to start a new semi-regular feature where we take one deck and build it from the bottom up, following along with our reasoning. So today’s spotlight is Brago, King Eternal. Brago is a very easy build, so it’s good for beginners. Right away

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Cardfight!! Vanguard: LET'S DO SOME MATH!!! G-assist probability

Cardfight!! Vanguard: LET’S DO SOME MATH!!! G-assist probability

What is up everybody? SimplyJeff is back and today we are talking about everyone’s favorite subject in school: maths! Okay, while it wasn’t everyone’s favorite, it was one of my top classes for enjoyment. I’m shocked I never thought to do this before, but today I would like to put some math into Vanguard. Many

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