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Apr 212015



Hello internet. So as I was fishing the web for any more interesting Yugioh lore with variations with authors and I noticed that things get a little bit cloudy at the end of the duel terminal series or the introduction of the Shaddolls, Qlis etc. (RIP Hidden Arsenal). And while their are many variations, I personally enjoyed this particular story.

But prior to this epic battle you should know what happened beforehand on this page: MasterGuide3, where you can learn about the events that happened in the Duel Terminal wars 1 and 2 or further information on groups and plenty other cool trivia!!

The Duel Terminal Wars 3/4


After all the factions (Gem-Knights, Gustos, Lavals, Gishiki, etc.) broke their alliance from each other with the defeat of Vylons, a new ‘bad guy’ erupted from the shadows known as the “Evilswarm Virus”. The virus infected nearly all living things changing their minds into corrupted copies with only the aim – to destroy. The Evilswarms rampaged the lands taking control over factions while the survivors prayed for the assistance of the Legendary Constellars. Soon the Constellars reacted to the chaos and as they descended from the stars the Gem-Knights saw this as the key opportunity to from a strong alliance with the legendary clan. The Gishiki tribe however, revived the “Dragons of the Ice Barrier” for the hope of their own survival, but only made matters worst once the resurrected Trishula, Gungnir and Brionac were infected by the Evilswarm Virus.

With the new threat of Evilswarm Ophion, Bahamut and Ouroboros, the virus proved that the duel terminal had little chances of survival, especially with the Gem-Knights defeated. The Constellars summoned their mightiest form, Constellar Ptolemy M7, which was the fusion of all non corrupted Constellars. The great battle continued raging on but with great losses from both sides of the good and the evil, something greater stirred…

This awakened the raging Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth. Her task was to destroy the terminal world and reset life on the planet. Knowing this Constellar Sombre (Ptolemy M7 fused with the Gem-Knight Lazuli) and Evilswarm Kerykeion (Constellar Rasalhague after using Gishiki’s corrupted mirror and harassing the power of the 3 corrupted Dragons of the ice barrier) stopped Sophia from the destruction of the world. With the Chaos dying down, Sombre and Kerykeion built a new world sealing away Sophia and set a task for “Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree” to guard the tree from unleashing the unknown potential power.

(Now we can talk about the current events of our ‘peacekeeping’ Yugioh world, also known as the fourth duel terminal war.)

Its a new calm world with brand new factions! There are the Yang Zings, the first wyrms to roam the planet created by Sombre before his/her departure. (What is sombre? A mixture of 12 people? Guy or Girl? Whaaaat?!?!) The Satellarknights who are the not so godly descendants of the Constellars, the Ritual Beasts, descendants of the Gustos and the Nekroz, descendants of the Gishiki. These newer and younger factions actually lived in peace instead of constant battle.

CairngorgonAntiluminescentKnight-PRIO-EN-SR-1Ehe inevitable chaos starts like any other day. With warriors training, the wounded healing, the villains plotting. A normal day. (You get the point.) With Gem-Knights in their current state of decline, Gem-Knight Lapis and Lazuli went searching for any possible survivors from their clan. Lying still on the forest floor was Cairngorgon, a wanderer of the previous terminal wars that embodies the equipment of the Gem-Knights and carries the Evilswarm virus now in the form of shaddoll core. Without knowing this “Gem Knight Lady Lapis Lazuli| (the fusion of Lapis and Lazuli) desperate to see some kind of relationship gets too close to the foreign being. Shaddoll Core, fueled by the power of the remaining Evilswarm Virus, corrupts Lady Lapis Lazuli and she becomes the first El Shaddoll also known as El Shaddoll Construct.

The remnants of the Evilswarm Virus led Construct straight to the sacred tree. Knowing that the only way to get to the tree was to outsmart Leo, Construct managed to capture Winda and corrupted her. Leo trusted Winda and couldn’t see the darkness that now corrupted her so he was quickly deceived. Winda unlocked the sacred tree unleashing the Qliphorts and Infernoids to carry out Sophia’s Goals: “The distinction of Duel Terminal.” The news spread quickly throughout the forrest notifying the Ritual Beasts. They rush over only to find they were too late and lost another member: Ritual Beast Tamer, Wen

Ritual beast tamer, Lara however, does make a bonding with Leo, the keeper of the Sacred Tree in a final act hoping to take revenge and save Wen and Winda from total corruption.

With the world once again in chaos thanks to the unleashing of Qlis the other factions join forces once again. Harnessing the power of the Dragons of the Ice Barriers the Nekroz excelled in combat. (Tier 1? pshh.) The Tellarknights recovered their ancestors and summoned Stellarknight Constellar Diamond. A creation of the Constellar and Satellarknight soldiers. Keeping quiet, the Shaddolls used this time as an opportunity to grow even more in strength. The war fought on and on and clans grew bigger and bigger, there was only a certain amount of time before the new generations of heroes would come: The Zefra.

That is most of the plot we have so far!! I only covered The Duel Terminal Wars 3 and 4. Remember, the other parts of the Duel Terminal War and along with other card lores can be seen here –> MasterGuide3
Hope you guys enjoyed this Duel Terminal Lore let us know in the comments belloooww on your thoughts and opinions or what you want to see :)) !! We are 100% completely open to suggestions.