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Apr 122015


 April 12, 2015
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Greetings everyone! Another weekend means it’s time for another deck breakdown and this time we are going take a look at tellarknights!

  1. General info
  2. Single card explanation and deck
  3. Extra / Side deck:
  4. Cards worth mentioning / you might want to consider
  5. Star Seraphs

Compared to my articles about Blackwings and Nekroz this one is going to be somewhat shorter, because lets face it – Satellarknights are pretty straightforward to play. Their insane swarming abilities and easy pluses make them one of the strongest archetypes of the current meta, but in the same time, they are easy to learn and to play with. Because their effect monsters don’t do anything while being on the field, you will mostly use them to xyz summon your ranks 4. Even though you may easily summon 2-3 monsters per turn, remember, that it is a control deck and there is no need to summon as many monsters as possible just because you can. For example don’t open with Vega – Deneb just for the sake of summoning 2 monsters instead of one – learning when is the right moment for summoning your monsters is crucial if you want to become good with satellarknight.

All Satellarknight effect monsters released so far do something whenever they are summoned on the filed (normal, special, flip – doesn’t matter which one is it). You can activate the effect of each Satellarknight once per turn, both yours and your opponents.

main monsters of the deck: Deneb, Altair, Unukalhai

Just like I did in my Nekroz article, I’m going to explain to you how the deck skeleton looks like, and then, you are free to add anything that works out for you.

Single card explanations and my deck

Satellarknight Deneb: x3, the best tellarknight effect monster released so far (and the one that costs the most atm – 30 bucks on average, oh maaaaaan). This card is your key to victory, you should try to summon it as much as possible in order to keep adding the monsters you need.

Satellarknight Altair: x3, right after Deneb on our “top-tellarknight monsters” list we have this dude – he is amazing. Thanks to him and Vega you may easily summon 3 tellarkights and use them to summon Delteros or Triverr if you need any of them. Remember that non-tellarkingt monsters can&#82#8217;t attack on the turn you’ve used Altair’s effect.

Satellarknight Unukalhai: x3, our own version of Armageddon Knight – let’s you drop any tellarknight monster into the graveyard from the deck as a target for Altair. Has very good ATK parameter: 1800 and thanks to Altair / CotH he is almost as good as Deneb (actually, much cheaper, lol).

Satellarknight Vega: tellarknight that doesn’t like being alone, that’s why whenever he is summoned he brings a friend alongside him. Because he is pretty weak and as every other tellarkinght, easily searchable / “droppable” into the grave, there is no need to run more than 2 copies of him.

Raigeki / Book of Moon / Bottomless Trap Hole / Compulsory Evacuation Device – my favourite staples.

Reinforcement of the Army x3: RotA is da best, don’t you dare run less than 3.

Call of the Haunted x3: because tellarknights effects trigger even when they are special summoned CotH is so good in this deck. Like activate it to bring back Altair, activate his effect to bring back Vega, use Vega’s effect to summon any tellarknight from your hand, AND you can still normal summon if it’s your turn. CotH = insant Delteros / Triverr, and when you summon Triverr, because your CotH isn’t destroyed after you use the monster as an xyz material – you can take it back to your hand. Same goes for Fiendish Chain – not only this is a great card vs the current meta, but it also can be returned to your hand using Triverr and used once again. So make sure to run 3 copies of CotH and Fiendish chain.

Stellarnova Alpha x3: as I said before, tellarknight effect monsters don’t have any use to you by simply staying on the field, so if you have a possibility to sacrifice one of them in order to prevent your opponent card activation / combo / whatever and draw a card – do it. This card is very strong in early, because it slows down your opponent while giving you a +1 and a potential target for CotH / Altair.

tellarknight base2

Most builds I saw run 11 “core” tellarknights monsters, some spells and a lot of traps. I decided to do something different because of my personal preferences. Deck Im about to show you worked well for me so far, even though it might seem a bit unorthodox.

tellarknight deck v2

Satellarknight Alsahm: whenever this card is summoned it inflicts 1000 of dmg to your opponents LP. I like having all kind of possibilities within the deck and being able to inflict 1/8 of total amount as effect damage with such ease is just something I can’t ignore. One copy of Alsahm.

Satellarknight Rigel: highest ATK (1900) of all your effect tellarknights and it’s effect is pretty nice, especially if you are playing a mirror match – you can send your opponents tellarknight monsters to the graveyard as well. I run one copy of him, he is decent IMO.

Honest x2: I love this card, it’s awesome.

Mystical Space Typhoon x3: a staple vs traps such as Mistake / Lose a Turn / Vanity’s Emptiness.

Satellarknight Skybridge x2: now this is something I wish to explain in details:

“Target 1 “tellarknight” monster you control; Special Summon 1 “tellarknight” monster with a different name from your Deck, and if you do, shuffle the targeted monster into the Deck.”

– meaning that you can dodge cards like ring of destruction, compulsory, book of moon, literally any effect that targets and cards like Dimensional Prison, Mirror force, etc. Also you may summon any telalrknight monster from your deck with a different name and thus, activate its effect. IMO in certain situations this card is even better than RotA. It can help you finish your opponent by summoning a different monster from your deck (maybe something like Alsahm for potential 2400 points of dmg) it can make your opponent waste a card / effect and it can help you get a tellarknight you need. Now, for the second part of its effect:

“While the monster Special Summoned by this effect is face-up on the field, you cannot Special Summon monsters, except “tellarknight” monsters”

– so what? Lets use the monster as a material to summon a tellarknight xyz, or sacrifice it for the Alpha. It’s not really that big of a restriction as for me.

Dimensional Prison x2, Solemn Warning, Vanity’s Emptiness – just some of my fav traps.

Extra / Side deck:

Stellarknight Triverr: boss monster №1. Whenever this dude is summoned he returns all cards except for himself to their owners hand. Thanks to this card Fiendish Chain and CotH are so good in this deck.

Stellarknight Delteros: boss monster №2. He has a nice continuous effect that protects your tellarknight from cards like Bottomless / Solemn Warning, and, once during your turn, he can destroy 1 card on the field, which is awesome!

Stellarknight Constellar Diamond: boss monster №3. You will rarely summon this card, but still, its worth mentioning because of how good it is vs Shaddolls and Burning Abyss. Run 1-2 copy(ies) of it.

Tellarknight Ptolemaeus: the latest addition to tellarknight ranks. There’s been a lot of commotion around this card because of the insane Cyber Dragon Infinity, we even wrote an article about it here so I won’t be telling you all over how good this card is. Because Infinity is OCG only (and honestly, I’d like him to remain this way. I love Cyber Dragons, it’s probably my favourite archetype, but that card is simply broken), we have to look for another rank 5 target and, in my opinion, the best candidate is…

Constellar Pleiades: a not so distant relative of tellarknights, he was considered to be one of the strongest rank 5 xyz long before Plotemaeus release. I especially like to bring him using the above card during my opponents turn because his effect is a “quick” one, meaning that I can activate it right after summoning him and return one of my opponents cards to his hand. Thanks to that, Plotemaeus becomes a Compulsory / 2500 ATK beater. And he is a light-attribute, so you know, Honest and stuff. I like to run 2 copies of each in my deck – good as it may be there are a lot of other usefull xyz monsters which I like to run and I simply don’t have enough space to play 3 of those.

For the rest – just add your favourite rank 4 xyz monsters.

My side deck looks almost the same every time, so if you are interested why I sided a certain card – check my previous articles.

Cards worth mentioning / you might want to consider

Battleguard Howling: dimensional prison is better because it banishes your opponent monster from play and you don’t have to control a warrior-type monster in order to activate it.

Upstart Goblin / Pot of Duality: I’m just not a fan of these. If you want to make a “classic 11 monsters deck” you should definitely add 3 Upstarts and some PoDs and drop Alsahm, Rigel, Honests and Skybridges. The deck will look something like this:

tellarknight upstarts

which is fine, it becomes more concentrated on summoning your xyz monsters.

Soul Charge: this card is very good in tellarknights, but in my opinion it is a bit too costly.

Oasis of Dragon Souls: if you feel that 3 CotH are not enough – add this card, it’s almost the same.

Star Seraph Scepter & Star Seraph Sovereignty

Oh boy, those 2 cards are godlike in this deck. In case you don’t know what are they, let me explain:

Star Seraph Scepter x3: so, a 1800 beater, just like your tellarknights he does “something” once he is normal or special summoned (limitless number of times per turn!!!).: you can search for 1 “Star Seraph” monster and add it to your hand. Now, to fully understand why this searching ability is so powerful we have to take a look at our second Seraph.

Star Seraph Sovereignty x3: If you Normal or Special Summon a “Star Seraph” monster(s), except during the Damage Step: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, and if you do, draw 1 card, then you can Special Summon it if it is a “Star Seraph” monster. To explain how this works I’m going to paste a “tip” related to this card from yugi wikia.

If you have this card and a “Star Seraph Scepter” in your hand, you can Normal Summon “Scepter”, activate its effect to search a second “Sovereign”, then Special Summon this card from your hand (Since both effects are optional, build the chain like this: Chain Link 1: Activate Sovereign’s effect, Chain Link 2: Activate Scepter’s effect to get another copy of sovereign. After the first Sovereign is summoned, ending the chain, activate your second copy’s effect from your hand in response to the first one’s summon). After the chain resolves, you can Special Summon the second “Sovereign” from your hand (in response to this card’s Special Summon). This will let you Xyz Summon a monster that needs 3 Materials, such as “Stellarknight Delteros”, with no loss in hand advantage.

So by having those 2 cards in your hand you get to:

1) Summon 3 monsters from your hand.

2) Draw 2 cards

3) Summon a rank 4 xyz monster that requires 3 xyz materials (sadly, Triverr can’t be summoned, by hey, we still got Delteros and Ouroboros)

Cool, huh? Such an easy way to summon a powerful rank 4, but hey, those 2 cards wouldn’t be so OP if it wasn’t for Scepter’s second effect:

An Xyz Monster that was Summoned using 3 or more monsters, including this card on the field, as Xyz Materials gains this effect.

When it is Xyz Summoned: You can target 1 other card on the field; destroy it, and if you do, you can draw 1 card.

4) so ye, you also get to destroy your opponent card and draw 1!

….. When I faced this combo for the first time I was like:

I honestly don’t know what awaits those 2 cards – which one will get limited / banned, will we just get used to them or something else – right now they are amazing and you should definitely play them while you still can.

Tellarknight Seraph v2

Remember that Star Seraphs are light monsters (Honest) and that you can activate Scepters effect multiple times during the same turn by bringing him back with CotH. Needless to say that you shouldn’t normal summon Sovereignty but rather wait for your Scepter.

The main weakness of this deck is pretty obvious – Mistake, a card that probably everyone is siding in the current format. Your deck becomes completely locked, Debeb, RotA, Scepter – 9 “useless” cards once Mistake is face up on the field so try not to waste your MST on anything else.

The extra-deck / side-deck is the same.

Change Log:

21 / 08

Satellarknights’ve won world championship 2015! Yay…? Knowing Konami, the deck will most likely get hit in the next ban list because of its “opness”, but is it really the case?…

You know, I think that for once, I’m enjoying the current meta. Between Nekroz, Tellarknights, Burning Abyss, Shaddolls, we’ve managed to achieve, if not balance, a stable situation without tear 0 decks. Sure, there are those stronger than the others, but at least there is no such deck that wins everything. Each of the above has its own weakness which can be exploited by using “not very expensive cards” (Mistake, probably one of the best counter-staples atm costs around 18$ atm, which is not a lot comparing to Vanity’s Emptiness which costed 30$ each before it got limited).

IMO, Satellarknights are ok in the current meta. Yeah, they might be “one of the strongest”, but it would be just wrong to hit exclusively this deck, leaving, for example BA, as it is. Many people decided to sell their decks right after worlds, knowing Konami’s tendencies, but I’m willing to keep mine for myself. Sure, it may get weaker, cheaper, w/e, I still like it. And if it gets hit so hard that it will become unplayable then I will just do like everybody else.


Seriously though, I haven’t played this deck in a while, so I don’t really know how to update it, atm. I will be taking it to my locals during next weeks, and based on that I will do the appropriate changes, so stay tuned!



If you have any questions I’m always more than happy to answer them and your advice is very important to me! All the best!